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The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Details: Early education for children can have a profound impact on society. This should result in: Better funding for early childhood education programs. Improved staff training and working conditions. Higher quality of early education provision. Early education has already become an integral part of our society’s existence.

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Understanding the Stages of Play Wonderschool …

Details: The same way adults need resources and education to improve at their jobs, kids require the same support to aid their playtime. Along with providing suitable materials like games and toys, they need lots of time, engagement, and encouragement. Here are more tips to guide you as you support your child through each of the six stages of play:

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6 Types of Child Care Programs Wonderschool …

Details: A child care center is often thought of as the traditional form of early childhood education. The center is usually located in a specialized facility and offers part or full day schedules of activities and education for infants as young as 6 weeks old. Centers are licensed and must meet government safety and staff regulations. Nannies

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What Are Reggio Schools

Details: A municipality in northern Italy called Reggio Emilia has developed a reputation for its incredible preschools that influence other programs worldwide, often termed Reggio-Inspired schools, to embrace children’s innate interests and capabilities. These Italian schools serve as a model for early education and the reason why you may be wondering what is a Reggio school?

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California family child care licensing: Training requirements

Details: Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Early Education and Child Care: Participants of this free course will learn how to create a safe sleep environment to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep related deaths in child care.The Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Early Education and Child Care online module can be used by child

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Child care options for parents: Comparing pros and cons

Details: A child care center is often thought of as the traditional form of early childhood education. The center is usually located in a specialized facility and offers part or full day schedules of activities and education for infants as young as 6 weeks old. Centers are licensed and must meet government safety and staff regulations.

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What are the Responsibilities of a Child Care Director

Details: Early care and education is a deeply personal field and profession (both due to the nature of the work and due to the relationships formed between educators and families), and with that will come interpersonal conflict. A director needs to be able to stay calm and professional so they can successfully mediate any conflicts that arise.

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What are forest schools

Details: 7th November 2017. A forest school, also known as forest kindergarten, outdoor nursery, forest nursery, nature kindergarten, or nature preschool, is a type of early childhood education that takes place in forests or woodlands. The curriculum is fluid, focusing on learner-led outdoor play that encourages curiosity and exploration.

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Childcare Training Requirements Wonderschool Resources Hub

Details: At the core of a quality child care program lies the provider’s education and training. Thus, many states require child care program directors or early learning teachers to have pre-service qualifications in early childhood care. This is a requirement where the specified education topics must be completed before operating in, working, or

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13 Activities for Infants To Encourage Development-Wonderschool

Details: Sensory Activities for Infants. Sensory activities for infants should encourage listening skills, visual tracking, touching, and feeling. Food and dietary needs vary greatly for infants, so any meals or tasting activities should ideally be care-planned with parents first. 1. Mirror, Mirror.

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Do You Need an Early Childhood Education Degree

Details: Early Childhood Education Specialist: this area focuses on special education and designing curricula for students with special needs. A Child Development Degree differs from an Early Childhood Education degree. It mainly focuses on helping the student utilize the knowledge of child development to develop and evaluate a curriculum that assists

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6 Common Preschool Models Wonderschool Resources Hub

Details: HighScope. Another of the academic-style preschool models is the HighScope curriculum, which is designed to engage children through participatory learning. Through hands-on activities, the aim of this model is to develop an academic foundation as well as life skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution.

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What is bilingual preschool & should you consider it for your child

Details: ‘Bilingual’ education is an umbrella term that refers to any program that includes a second language component. For older children at the elementary and higher grade levels, this often means there is a subject or class, perhaps a few times a week specifically meant to teach children the second language, e.g. ‘Spanish class’.

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The Key Skills Preschoolers Learn

Details: Preschool is intended to lay the foundation for the rest of a child’s education. The goal is to set children up for success with the skills they need for school. There are a lot of different ways that children approach learning, but there are a number of key skills that preschoolers will learn.

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Understanding Preschoolers: How Children Learn and Develop

Details: Pre-literacy is the development of knowledge, skills, and concepts that lay the foundation for reading and language development. Examples of play activities that foster pre-literacy development include: Reading and listening to stories. Singing. Rhymes. Word play. Exploring writing (scribbling, making letters, etc.)

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6 Steps to Becoming a Child Care Provider

Details: Obtain a High School Diploma or Higher Education. In general, it is usually required that a child care provider has at least a high school diploma or GED. However, an associate’s or bachelor’s degree can be helpful, particularly for those looking to run their own daycare. There are many early childhood development and education programs at

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Early Childhood Education Jobs: How to Work in ECE Wonderschool

Details: The educational requirements for childcare center directors vary among states, but most require a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, while some require a local certificate in child development. Statistics show that the median salary of a childcare center director is $49,160 per year or $23.63 per hour.

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Top 3 Child Care Training Courses Wonderschool Resources Hub

Details: Philosophies such as Montessori, Waldorf, and RIE all require in-depth classroom instruction and in-person practice in order to become certified. They may require occasional ongoing learning to keep your certification up to date, or you may become certified for life. The amount of time it takes to become certified can range from a few days, up

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Easy Way To Understand Universal Pre-K

Details: Vermont. Vermont has a universal pre-k act that gives 3,4, and 5-year-old kids access to free publicly funded programs. This program was signed into law in 2014, and since then, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of children that access early learning. Vermont uses a mixture of delivery methods, including family child care

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What You Need to Know About Overnight Daycare

Details: With an overnight daycare, you can leave your kids to sleepover at the center, or you can opt to pick them early morning hours, depending on your job. Actually, overnight daycares are a relief for parents who work irregular hours such as overnight shifts or early morning hours. As for the traditional daycare centers, most operate from 5 am to 7

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Why is Early Childhood Education Important

Details: At its most fundamental level, early childhood education lays foundational knowledge that is built upon throughout the years of a student’s academic career. But in addition to that, a quality early education also ignites curiosity and a love of learning. Also, by helping with the development of social skills and improving concentration, early

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Goals for Preschool Teachers: Examples & Ideas

Details: Other goals that can help you set up your preschool students for future academic excellence include: Encourage dedicated reading lessons every day. Indulge preschool children in dramatic plays to develop imaginations. Focus on rectifying grammatical mistakes. Develop learning goals for individual preschool children.

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How Much Do Preschool Teachers Make

Details: The average annual salary for an early childhood education teacher with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education is $30,937. Payscale estimates that the pay rise, depending on experience level, stands at 8%. Other data shows that the top 25% best-paid makes $39,720 while the lowest 25% makes $24,820 annually.

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COVID-19 Financial Relief for Schools & Educators Wonderschool

Details: In a $1.9 trillion stimulus package proposed by US President Joe Biden, an additional $170 billion would be set aside for K-12 schools and higher education. These funds would help ensure buildings can safely reopen and students can recover academically. In the proposal, which the House approved in late February, $60 billion is intended to

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Preschool vs. Daycare: What’s the Difference

Details: Child care programs typically accept children in the age range of about 6 weeks and older, while preschool is typically for children ages 2-5 years of age. In a preschool program, learning pre-academic skills is the main objective, with the program focusing on the educational needs of the children in order to prepare them for development in the

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How to start a forest school Wonderschool Resources Hub

Details: A forest school, also known as forest kindergarten, outdoor nursery, forest nursery, nature kindergarten, or nature preschool, is a type of early childhood education that takes place in forests or woodlands. Learning is led by the child’s own curiosity and interests in an unstructured way. Unlike typical outdoor education programs, forest

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5 Child Care Activities to Improve Cognitive Skills in Kids in Omaha

Details: Play with Everyday Items. Everyday item play is a cost-efficient, fun, and interactive approach for children to strengthen their cognitive skills. Activities such as pointing out their facial features, fitting lids to the corresponding containers, and matching food to the right color can develop a child’s deeper thinking as they learn how the

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What’s the Difference Between Preschool & Pre-K

Details: Officially, there is not. Preschool and Pre-K (short for Pre-Kindergarten) most typically encompass children ages 2.5 to 5, may be mixed-age or more specifically age-related (such as a classroom for 3 year olds, a classroom for 4 year olds, etc.) and typically have teachers who meet their state’s qualifications for being an early learning

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Home-Based Child Care is Growing. Here's Why

Details: Home-based child care allows for better routines to form, based on the fact that there are fewer children to cater to and nurture. This can be beneficial when it comes to developing how your child interacts with others and will help them prepare for their future education by getting them used to a schedule. You can optimize the development of

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Washington state family child care licensing: Licensing process

Details: Phase 1: Complete the online orientation. Those interested in becoming family home child care providers must view an hour-long online presentation about family home child care licensing in Washington state. At the end of the presentation, you will be instructed to complete and print a post-orientation questionnaire.

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Starting a Bilingual Early Childhood Education Program

Details: As with other school venture ideas, the process of opening a bilingual early childhood education program is both exhilarating and scary. Not only is it challenging to create an ideal program for young children, but it’s also hard to factor in the funding and requisite resources for your preschool. However, establishing a bilingual program is

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How to Open a Daycare Center Wonderschool Resources Hub

Details: For instance, in California, the fee for a family daycare hosting between 1-8 children is $73 on initial application and $73 for annual renewal. If you’re starting a child daycare center with a capacity of 1-30 kids, the original application fee is $484, while the annual renewal is $242. You have probably heard about some licensing exemptions.

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Simpel Way To Promote Social Emotional Learning

Details: 30th November 2021. When it comes to choosing what to teach children, child development experiments say, start with Social Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL emphasizes the value of building a strong relationship with the self, others, and the physical world. It’s associated with emotional intelligence, mental health, academics, and career success.

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Estimate Your Income Potential with Wonderschool’s Child Care …

Details: Home-based early care and education blog. Estimate Your Income Potential with Wonderschool’s Child Care Earnings Calculator. Directing your own family child care business can (and should) be a viable income. Still, you might wonder if you can make strong earnings regardless of what neighborhood you live in. We know the answer is YES.

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Aspiring Success Stories: Kristina Gonzalez of Little Robles …

Details: In Chris Bennett’s, CEO of Wonderschool, Ted Talk, he shares the aspiring story of Little Robles Preschool directed by Kristina Gonzalez, and her success in starting a quality childcare program with Wonderschool. Changing The Preschool Paradigm Kristina was an experienced child therapist before opening her first home-based preschool. Usually, early childhood education

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