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Undergraduate Education Program Information

Details: The major in Middle School Education features strong subject matter content preparation and extensive clinical experiences to give students the needed background to be a middle school teacher. The program effectively combines subject matter content and pedagogy and includes coursework in adolescent learning topics such as cognitive development, motivation, and …

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Secondary Education Major and Minor Wilkes University

Details: The secondary education major includes two additional education courses that will give you a more in-depth background in assessment and classroom management. The added assessment skills coupled with 40 additional hours of field experience in a secondary classroom will add value to your Wilkes education and your résumé, all for only 7 more

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Special Education Major Wilkes University

Details: Why Study Special Education at Wilkes? Wilkes University is one of the first institutions in the state to offer the Special Education major, building on our long history of educating teachers for special education certification. At Wilkes, you’ll learn in a community of practicing educators through our internal cross listing of undergraduate

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Teacher Education Program

Details: The Education Department offers specific advising checklists and policy documents to help guide students in their respective programs. The Teacher Education Program. Students who are preparing for teacher certification must be formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program at Wilkes University, which includes completion of a formal written

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Elementary and Early Childhood Education Major Wilkes …

Details: Michael Brown '20 - Elementrary and Early Childhood Education. 91% of alumni are working in education by the end of the first year after graduation. 250 hours of field and professional development school hours achieved before student teaching. 95% of students who student teach in Casa Grande, Arizona, have been offered positions in the district.

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Educational Development and Strategies

Details: Educational Development and Strategies. The Master of Science degree in Education with a major in Educational Development and Strategies is designed to meet the needs of practicing teachers by combining effective teaching practices with theory and research. Students will grow their knowledge base as well as gain practical skills and techniques

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Faculty & Staff Department of Undergraduate Education

Details: Faculty of Practice Undergraduate Education. Breiseth Hall Room 204B [email protected] (570) 408-4461. Ms. Elaine Kraynak . Field Coordinator Undergraduate Education. Breiseth Hall 204b [email protected] (570) 408-4463. Diane M. Polachek Ed D. Professor Undergraduate Education.

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Middle Level Education with Pa. Teaching Certification

Details: Middle Level Education with Initial Teaching Certification. The online master’s degree in Middle Level Education is a 39 to 54 credit program designed for adults who wish to teach in Pennsylvania at the middle level in grades 4 to 8. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be eligible to apply for Pennsylvania teaching

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K-12 Principal Certification

Details: Graduate education tuition for the 2021-22 academic year is $522 per credit, or $1,566 per course. Deferment is available for employers who reimburse tuition and financial aid is available for those who qualify. Careers & Outcomes. Graduates of our K-12 Principal Certification program are well prepared to take on principal and assistant

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Special Education Certification

Details: The Dual Special Education Certification program prepares candidates to work with special needs populations in pre-kindergarten through eighth grades (PK-8) or seventh through twelfth (7-12) grades. Students will follow the requirements for an initial certification program in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, Middle Level Education, or

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Middle Level Education Major Wilkes University

Details: Wilkes University’s Middle Level Education major develops competent, caring and ethical educators with strong subject matter content preparation and authentic, clinical field experiences. Benefit from a strong focus on adolescent literacy as well as content methods. The Middle Level Education major leads to certification in teaching fourth

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Online Degree Programs & Certificates Online Master's

Details: Online Education Programs. Wilkes has successfully helped over 10,000 educators reach their professional goals. From technology integration and differentiated instruction to school business operations and educational leadership, Wilkes addresses concepts that are immediately beneficial to your career aspirations.

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Educational Leadership (EDLS)

Details: The Master of Science in Education with a major in Educational Leadership with K-12 principal certification (EDLS) is an advanced program of study consisting of 36 credits. A 27-credit certification only option exists for students in possession of an earned master’s degree. All students applying for admission to the Educational Leadership

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Special Education

Details: PK-12 Special Education Certification Only: 30 Credits. All students will apply to the ‘degree seeking’ program, but will notify the program coordinator if ONLY seeking certification. Courses designated with * are the required courses for state certification Master’s Degree with PK 12 Special Education Certification: 39 Credits

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