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Part 1 — Conducting

Details: study with people who have limited education or reading ability. 4. The Bible study work has been effective in assisting millions to become true disciples of Jesus Christ. (Matt. 28:19, 20) By applying the suggestions offered in upcoming articles of this series, you can conduct a progressive Bible study. Part 2—Conducting Progressive Bible

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Details: Sex Education—Who Should Give It? (For parents) g92 2/22 p3-11 A Letter to Mom and Dad - g92 10/8 p31 “We Are Not Deprived!” (Letters on Christmas) - g93 11/22 p8 YPA - Why Talk About God? (Fear of man, witnessing at school) - g94 9/22 p13 Why Your Body Needs Sleep - g95 6/8 p17; (also g03 1/22 p20) Your Role in Your Prayers - g95 9/8 p20

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Witnessing in Mexico

Details: education. She was telling us, that the school in Metlatonoc was full of problems and she did not want her daughters to suffer the same things she had because of the culture and her neighbor´s thinking. “And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a

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Details: The intense Bible education these ones receive in class assists them to advance the preaching work in their assigned territories. Similar classes have been instituted in various countries for the benefit of traveling overseers regionally. These mature Christian men care for the preaching work in

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