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University College Our Commitment • Your Journey

Details: Helping Students Find Their Way. Programs and initiatives such as Success at Iowa, [email protected], and Tutor Iowa are examples of ways that University College supports student success across campus. Read more about supporting students.

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Academics University College

Details: Both programs enable students to complete a bachelor's degree by distance education. The B.A.S., which is designed for graduates of community colleges and technical programs, provides alternatives to traditional academic majors, permitting students to plan their own emphasis areas in consultation with their advisors. The B.L.S. is a general

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Academic Resource Center (ARC) University College

Details: ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Reports, George Washington University, One Dupont Circle, Suite 630, Washington, DC 20036-1183. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please

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BLS-1 General Education Program BAS & BLS

Details: The BLS degree requires completion of The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) General Education Program to provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your education, your career and, ultimately, your life as an educated person. As you begin your study at The University of Iowa, general education courses will help you develop fundamental skills and knowledge …

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Certificate Programs University College

Details: University College offers undergraduate certificate programs in: Clinical and Translational Science. Clinical and Translational Science focuses on applying biomedical discoveries to health care. It requires team-based interdisciplinary approaches to move research-generated discoveries into clinical trials and to facilitate the adoption of best practices in clinical and community settings.

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Academic Standards University College

Details: The Academic Standards Committee is responsible for upholding academic policy, evaluating academic progress of students admitted to University College, and considering student appeals to policies and procedures. Students in University College who seek exceptions to the rules, regulations, and requirements, or revocation of dismissal from

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Learning Assistant Program University College

Details: Learning Assistants are undergraduate students who, with training and support, help facilitate activities during class sessions to increase active collaboration to improve student learning. The University of Iowa Learning Assistant Program began in Fall 2020 and has expanded to a variety of classes. There are three main components to the

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Professional Ethics & Academic Responsibilities

Details: Those responsibilities are (1) to students, (2) to scholarship, (3) to colleagues, (4) to the University, and (5) to the larger community which the University serves. To make these responsibilities operational, it is necessary that ethical and professional standards be adopted to guide faculty members in their conduct and that effective

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BLS Core Requirements BAS & BLS

Details: The BLS common core courses develop fundamental skills in writing, critical thinking, information literacy and leadership and give students the opportunity to explore ideas from multiple perspectives. Additional details about the BLS Common Core Requirement can be found in the General Catalog. Rhetoric: 3-4 s.h.

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Earning a Degree through University College University College

Details: Complete the requirements of your degree’s General Education Program; Complete Program of Study Degree Requirements; Meet the College’s Academic Standards required for graduation; Adhere to the College’s Grading Policies (i.e., SGO and P/N limits, Unresolved and Incomplete grades, etc.) Satisfactory Grade Point Average

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Credit Hour Requirements & Policies University College

Details: Credit by Examination Policies. A maximum of 30 semester hours of credit by examination will be accepted toward the minimum 120 semester hours required for graduation. Ordinarily, credit earned through examination is applied first to the general education requirements. Credit also may be applied to other degree requirements, a certificate, or

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Prerequisites University College

Details: Some courses in University College require a prerequisite. This is a course you must take before you can take the next course in a series of courses. If a course requires a prerequisite, you may not enroll in it unless you have satisfied its prerequisites as described on MyUI. Some prerequisite courses have a minimum grade that must be met

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UI Center for Conferences University College

Details: The University of Iowa Center for Conferences serves as a valuable resource and partner for faculty and staff who are planning an upcoming conference or meeting.. Mission. Our mission is to provide professional conference management for University faculty and staff interested in organizing a conference for their department or professional association.

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Certificate in Writing BAS & BLS

Details: The ONLINE Certificate in Writing requires a student to successfully complete a minimum of 22 s.h. and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in all course work. Click the course link to view the distance education offering in MyUI/Courses. If MyUI displays "no course is found" then a distance education section is not being offered in the semester you

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Tuition & Fees BAS & BLS

Details: Students admitted to distance education programs are limited to registering in 4 s.h. of on-campus (Iowa City) course work. If you wish to register for more than 4 s.h. of on-campus course work, you will be changed to the Iowa City learning center and assessed tuition rates based on residency and total semester hours of enrollment, plus all

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Transfer Credit University College

Details: Summary of Transfer Credit. Course work and grades from two-year and four-year institutions are allowed in earning a UC degree. There are some restrictions, discussed below. A maximum of 60 semester hours of degree credit from two-year colleges is accepted in transfer toward meeting the minimum 120 semester hours required for graduation.

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K-12 Opportunities University College

Details: K-12 Opportunities. University College serves as an academic home for courses in several precollege areas that are housed in others units such as: the Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education (College of Education), the Center for Diversity & Enrichment, Biomedical Science Project Lead The Way (College of Engineering), the Secondary Student

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STATS IN BRIEF Higher levels of educational

Details: education experience and have a high school education or a lower level of educational attainment (Ishitani 2006; Chen 2005). Continuing-generation college students are defined as students who have at least one parent who had some postsecondary education experience. However, this brief focuses on a specific subset of continuing-generation college

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