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The Sheepfold :: Cycle of Violence

Details: This is where education is so important. Rather than arresting the husband or boyfriend, the police may arrest her if the husband insists that she was the violent person. They may tell her that if she insists on his arrest, she will have to go to the police station, while the kids will be put into foster care.

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The Sheepfold :: Job Openings

Details: Current Job Openings. Orange County House Manager Position (Full-time) * Note this is an Orange County based position. The interview is held in Anaheim. Description. The Sheepfold is looking for qualified full-time staff that can help provide shelter and hope to women with children who are affected by domestic violence and/or homelessness.

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The Sheepfold :: Volunteer Opportunities

Details: Work with a child individually focusing on his/her academics, helping them excel in their education. This is a great opportunity for you to connect with one or more of the children, showing them the joy of learning. Tutors needed afternoons and evenings, opportunities available through out the week based on location and resident population.

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Destiny’s Story

Details: billing program in December, and should be able to get a sustainable job with her education. She has chosen humility and hard work in her short time at Sheepfold! Alishaparticipated in CDL training and now has her class A driver’s license. It took her two months to complete the program.

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The Sheepfold Newsletter

Details: Where can I start, how can you share an extraordinary life in a few paragraphs. Fran is The Sheepfold to all of us, but she was a mother, grandmother, and friend to so many.

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o f p e h s e h t w Shelter, refuge, and a new beginning m

Details: H a p p y E a s t e r — A p r i l 2 0 1 2 N O N-P R O F I T O R G. U. S. P O S T A G E P A I D P e r m i t N o. 5 0 0 R S M, C A Shelter, refuge, and a new beginning for abused mothers and their children

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The Sheepfold :: Domestic Stockholm Syndrome

Details: Southern California ministry providing shelter, safe refuge and a new beginning for homeless, abused and forsaken women with children.

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