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The Best Education Blogs You Should Follow

Details: Answer Sheet (by Valerie Strauss, Washington Post) Valerie Strauss is the voice behind the Washington Post’s education blogs. Strauss shares perspectives on the link between COVID-19 misinformation and news outlets (and other literacy lessons), what middle school students learning during the pandemic need now, and what technology needs to go

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Learning Is Different Than Education

Details: Learning is different than education. One can be self-directed but supported; the other is led and caused. One is driven by curiosity and the joy of discovery; the other is metered and measured, and a matter of endless policy and mechanization. Education and all of its bits and pieces–with some modesty and connectivity–can become the

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The Relationship Between Technology And Education

Details: by TeachThought Staff. Learning changes. And learning stays the same. The following presentation from Steven Wheeler, Associate Professor at the University of Plymouth, explores some of the changes in both technology and education, including game-based learning, gamification, augmented reality, and mobile learning. An interesting addition to the …

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10 Ways 3D Printing Can Be Used In Education …

Details: 11 Ways 3D Printing Can Be Used In Education. 1. Engineering design students can print out prototypes. 2. Architecture students can print out 3D models of designs. 3. History classes can print out historical artifacts for examination. 4. Graphic Design students can print out 3D versions of their artwork.

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New Skills: 4 Benefits Of STEAM Education

Details: STEAM works by leveraging the benefits associated with STEM with the accessibility of visual art, poetry, music, and drama. Students can make connections and learn in a variety of ways, reaping the benefits that a STEAM education can provide. Educators support the use of STEAM in the classroom, according to Voices from the field: Teachers

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Roles For Artificial Intelligence In Education

Details: Here are just a few roles for artificial intelligence in education, and those that will follow them, will shape and define the educational experience of the future. 1. Artificial intelligence can automate basic activities in education, like grading. In college, grading homework and tests for large lecture courses can be tedious work, even when

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