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Nurse Education Articles in the Journal of Nursing RN Journal

Details: Tags: behavior education emotional intelligence learning Nurse Education nursing faculty nursing students respect respectful behavior teaching. Educators today can attest to the lack of student respect shown in their classes. A lack of respect is a form of incivility. Since returning to in-person learning, respect has taken a nosedive.

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Clinical Education Articles in the Journal of Nursing RN Journal

Details: Effect of Evidence-Based Method Clinical Education on Patients Care Quality and Their Satisfaction. Nowadays, evidence-based education with a serious purpose, explicit and rational than the best current evidence to decision-making in nursing education has been addressed. This study aimed to assess the effect of clinical evidence based on the

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Journal of Nursing RN Journal

Details: Tags: bsn degrees Nurse Education nursing education RN to BSN. Whether one is a recent graduate of an associate degree in nursing program or an experienced nurse who wishes to explore other opportunities in nursing. It is a good time to consider enrolling in a RN to BSN program and complete the BSN degree in nursing.

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Provision of Effective Patient Education: A Learning Clinical …

Details: Patient education is one of the fundamental aspects of holistic nursing care. It is the core responsibility of nurses to provide information to the patient and their families that is understandable and appropriate promoting awareness and optimal health. However, student nurses come across to various barriers in providing effective patient education, including …

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Educated Articles in the Journal of Nursing RN Journal

Details: The Importance of Communication and Education toward Patient Literacy: The Relationship of Functional Health and Patient’s Knowledge of Their Chronic Disease and Metabolic Disorder The Subtle Art of Connecting with Patients: Lessons Learned from a Seasoned Diabetes Nurse Mental Health Need Assessment Tool

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End-Of-Life-Care: Are Nurses Educationally Prepared

Details: Submitted by Lisa Marie Chiplaskey, MSN, Ed., BSN. This study identifies that nurses are educationally unprepared to offer quality end-of-life care to patients and families. Exploration into end-of-life care issues is examined utilizing a historical context. Focus areas for improvement in today's education of nurses have been identified as

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Reducing Lateral Violence: A humanistic educational approach

Details: Lateral violence (LV), also known as horizontal violence or workplace bullying, consists of behaviors including “bullying, intimidation, sarcasm, back-stabbing, criticism, exclusion, and various forms of unequal treatment” (Morris, 2012, p. 6). LV has been a topic of ongoing topic of concern in nursing for many years and is particularly

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My Teaching Learning Philosophy

Details: My philosophy of teaching learning revolves around the profound belief of Peter (1965). According to Peter "education is that something of value is being passed on" (Gribble, pg7, 1969). I strongly believe there are certain responsibilities of teachers to make teaching learning effective. First of all, educators must create a difference between

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Educator Articles in the Journal of Nursing RN Journal

Details: The Importance of Communication and Education toward Patient Literacy: The Relationship of Functional Health and Patient’s Knowledge of Their Chronic Disease and Metabolic Disorder Tags: aging assessment skills clear with simplified language communication communicator diabetes direct involvement disease educator efficiency of care health

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Interactive Technology is Shaping Patient Education and Experience

Details: Patient education is a vital component for the healthcare professionals that can facilitate clinician-patient communication, promote shared decision making based on medical evidence, assist in clinical recommendations, and engage patient cooperation in their medical treatment. Research studies showed that patients that are involved in their

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Health and Wellbeing: A Student Nurse's Perspective

Details: Submitted by Jordan Louise Balfour. Gray and Dier (1992) state that the health and well-being of student nurses is of upmost importance when considering their inexperience in the field, the demands of the course and profession, as well as the implications for patient care. However, Morrissette (2004 p535) suggests that although student nurses

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AHCD Education Articles in the Journal of Nursing RN Journal

Details: As a Nursing Supervisor, I have witnessed many problems associated with patients Advanced Health Care Directives (AHCD). On many occasions, patients are asked about AHCD when their medical condition worsens, leaving education of AHCD lacking and often put to the family to make end-of-life decisions. Both nurses and patients have verbalized not

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Task Oriented Articles in the Journal of Nursing RN Journal

Details: The profession of nursing has become so task orientated that we often forget to ask, "Who is our patient? ”What was their life like prior to becoming ill?" With advances in technology and the business atmosphere of healthcare nurses are often not able to provide patients with one of the most fundamental core competencies of nursing, caring. 1

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Effectiveness of Sexual Health Promotion in Adolescents

Details: The nurse’s scope of practice includes providing education and a source of comfort and support to patients of all ages. Nurses are also heavily involved in the community as school nurses, guest speakers in health classes, and primary care practitioners. Creating an environment of respect from the patient where they choose to disclose

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Magnet Recognition: Is the Designation worth the Journey

Details: Currently, only eight percent of hospitals nationwide hold the title of Magnet Recognition (AHA, Fast Facts on US Hospitals, 2019) and even less receive consecutive designations. Eight percent is a marginally small number, especially when it comes to credentialing hospitals as havens for quality patient outcomes and centers of nursing excellence. The process of becoming a …

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Frequent Contributors RN Journal

Details: Thank you to the many nurses, doctors, nursing school students, and educators who have contributed articles to the Journal of Nursing! Here is a partial list of the frequent contributors who make RN Journal such a valuable destination for the nursing community: Maureen Kroning, RN EdD. Dr. Gary D. Goldberg, PhD.

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Importance of Interprofessional Collaboration, Communication …

Details: Interprofessional collaborative practice requires learning to skillfully consult and communicate with colleagues. Engaging in interprofessional education has been proven to enrich collaborative practice through improved clinical outcomes, adherence to practice guidelines, and higher patient satisfaction ratings (Reeves et al., 2013).

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