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What is education

Details: Answer (1 of 345): Education is the most valuable key to success. The power of education is not only in the academic knowledge but also finding your place in the world and acquiring life experience. It takes all the necessary steps to …

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What are the various types of education

Details: Answer (1 of 18): Education is the most efficient and most effective way of teaching. Its nothing but learning the basic, advanced and gaining knowledge skills. or Education is the process of acquiring knowledge through study or imparting knowledge. …

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What is modern education

Details: Answer (1 of 10): > Education is a never ending process !!! Whoaaa…that's great to hear, Very interesting ! Firstly, I would like to define education as done already by this guy named Adams (Meant no Disrespect) … Adams in his book ‘Evolution of Education Theory’ said that education is …

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What does education level mean

Details: Answer (1 of 119): Education level means the highest level of education you have achieved. Sometimes on forms, you will see a question about education level and a blank line to fill in or a few answer choices to choose from. If you have a blank to …

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What is the etymological meaning of education

Details: Answer (1 of 6): The word ‘education’ has been derived from Latin words-’Educare’, ‘Educare’ and ‘Educatum’, ‘e’+ ‘duco’. ‘Educare’- The term ‘educare’ means to bring up, to rise, and to nourish, to train or mould. The child has to be brought up like a …

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What is academic education

Details: Answer (1 of 3): An education apart from giving knowledge if enhances your academic credentials is called as academic education. Moreover, an academic education always relies on reference based theoretical knowledge which …

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What are the most important aspects of education

Details: Answer (1 of 3): School is a system with no validity. It just exists. 5 possible reasons for US Educational System 1. Environment To think. Not necessarily about anything you will ever use. 2. To sort people for college and jobs. There has to be …

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Where does the US rank in education

Details: Answer (1 of 21): They were ranked eighth at World Bank and Wikipedia according to the 2015 U.N. education index. this index is a blend of years in school and spending if I recall correctly. Any measure of spending is going to put the most cash-rich high-income nations on top - assuming students

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What is the highest form of education

Details: Answer (1 of 32): It depends on definition: narrow or broad meaning, formal or informal, culture, nation, etc. As you can see here Definitions of education - OneLook Dictionary Search there are many definitions. When there are …

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Why is education not free

Details: Answer (1 of 15): Simply put anything that has value or equips someone to create value is not free . Look around yourself and you will find that whatever is being bought and sold has some value . Likewise education has similar value . Now why does educatio

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What are the benefits of free education

Details: Answer (1 of 23): Many who get an education have higher wages, more opportunities in their lives, and are more likely to be healthy. Societies likewise profit. Societies with high educational completion rates have lower crime, stronger public health and community engagement. Failure to …

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What is the difference between learning, education, training

Details: Answer (1 of 6): Learning is the process involving acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Education is facilitation of learning by use of methods such as discussion, training, storytelling, teaching and research. Training is a kind of education that involves development of one's kn

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What is the difference between academics and education

Details: Answer (1 of 2): Academics is basically a branch of education. Education is gathering all the knowledge by various means like reading, experiencing, studying, travelling, listening etc. In academics, you are provided with a structure by following which one will gain the theoretical knowledge and

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Why is education important in a democracy

Details: Answer (1 of 21): Great question and quite honestly, one I feel is perhaps one of the more singularly important questions I have read here. A country, especially a democratic country where every citizen enjoys the right to vote for those that will govern them can only be …

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What is an example of a formal education

Details: Answer (1 of 10): Formal education usually refers to any planned, structured learning event (s). Common examples are the entirety of grade school, university, and even new hire training at your place of employment. Informal education is anything and …

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Which one is correct: 'education system' or 'educational system

Details: Answer (1 of 4): I cannot conceive of anyone in education using the term "education system." Still, languages have been making nouns into adjectives for about five thousand years or so, and English is no exception. It would be nice, and kinder to English learners, if …

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What is the relationship between education and philosophy

Details: Answer (1 of 29): Education is a form of learning, programming of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs. Philosophy is a form of self education, it is a form of learning based upon personal experience, through thinking and observing. Founded knowledge, beliefs, ideas, values are welcomed to be obser

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What is tertiary education in Singapore

Details: Answer (1 of 2): Tertiary education in Singapore comes in 3 levels. A first-tier technical education for students who graduate from the Normal Technical or Normal Academic level of education after 10 years of basic grade-school education (Primary 1 to 6 followed by Secondary 1–4). These colleges

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What is the difference between Windows 10 “Home” and …

Details: Answer (1 of 5): There is actually four main Windows 10 Editions: 1.Home 2. Enterprise 3. Pro 4. Education As Microsoft offers the option of 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10 : - 32-bit is for older processors - 64-bit is for newer ones First you must determine what bit version is

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