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What's New: June 2022 Oxford Research Encyclopedias

Details: The Oxford Research Encyclopedias (OREs) offer long-form overview articles written, peer-reviewed, and edited by leading scholars. The OREs are available by annual subscription or individual purchase to libraries and institutions, so ask your librarian if you have access. If you don’t, then recommend this essential resource to your librarian today.

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Details: The education emphasized in the normative approach, and the related course of acquiring specific attributes, means that only adults are recognized as (global) citizens. Young people are only citizens in the making. Consequently, full citizenship is an exclusive social category that is acquired on reaching the age of majority. In the

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Oxford Research Encyclopedias

Details: Welcome to Oxford Research Encyclopedias Current, peer-reviewed trustworthy research, read in 30 minutes or less across 25 encyclopedias. Includes the Encyclopedia of Social Work and the Oxford Classical Dictionary Have questions about how to use the redesigned website? Check out What's Changed. Learn more News Featured

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Postcolonial Philosophy of Education in the Philippines

Details: The imposition of a universal national identity upon such a diverse populace entails the erasure of identities, knowledge systems, practices, and ways of life that differ from state-imposed norms. Education is a critical site for this subjugation of difference, as evidenced by the state’s imposition of a national curriculum.

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Managerial Supervision Encyclopedia of Social Work

Details: As described by Rittel and Webber, wicked problems have 10 important characteristics: 1. No definitive formulation. 2. No “stopping rule.” In other words, these problems lack an inherent logic that signals when they are solved. 3. Solutions are not true or false, only good or bad. 4. No way to test the solution. 5.

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