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Details: Educational attainment in the Philippines was falling at the beginning of the 21st century, marked by declining enrolment and literacy rates, as well as persistent underfunding. In response, successive governments have worked to overhaul the education system and increase expenditure, taking measures to keep more children in school, raise the quality of tertiary education, enhance the education

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Oxford Business Group

Details: Oxford Business Group publish investment and economic reports on more than 30 countries including emerging markets in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa

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Major changes to Myanmar's education sector under way

Details: FundamentalsAlternative ChoicesThe BillReforming The Systemin ActionNurturing Creative ThinkingTraining TeachersInternational InvolvementPrivate SchoolsTertiary EducationHigher education is also a significant part of the civilian government’s educational reforms – a far cry from their military predecessors who sought to undermine higher education by closing institutions and dispersing management across 13 different ministries, including agriculture and transport. The MoE’s Department of Higher Education controls onSee more on oxfordbusinessgroup.comEstimated Reading Time: 9 minsPeople also askHow important is education?How important is education?What Does Our Society Say About Women’s Education?

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Initiatives to boost the Philippines' education …

Details: The International Atomic Energy Agency, in partnership with the Department of Education and the Department of Science and Technology (DoST), has begun a four-year project that will train …

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What factors are influencing business sentiment in Africa

Details: Get expert, on-the-ground insights into the latest business and economic trends in more than 30 high-growth global markets. Produced by a dedicated team of in-country analysts, our research provides …

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Highlights from our Morocco Covid-19 Response Report

Details: Oxford Business Group has launched the Morocco Covid-19 Response Report in partnership with the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Investment and Exports (Agence Marocaine de …

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To what extent has the facilitation of business procedures in …

Details: On the occasion of the release of The Report: Kaduna 2020 and the launch of the digital KADINVEST 5.0 Summit, Oxford Business Group’s Regional Editor for Africa, Souhir Mzali, speaks with Governor of …

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Podcast: Why are Thai CEOs so keen to invest

Details: Despite a rising tide of international trade protectionism and ongoing political uncertainty at home, a notable majority of executives who participated in OBG’s second ever Thailand Business Barometer …

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How has Egypt's ICT sector responded to Covid-19

Details: As part of its ongoing research into the impact of Covid-19 on the Egyptian economy, Oxford Business Group’s Regional Editor Harry van Schaick recently interviewed the country's Minister of …

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