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Board of Education

Details: The ODBE is committed to the education of the whole person to their fullest potential, to the development of moral and spiritual understanding, to the uniqueness of the individual and to the education of all within the maintained system. They work within statutory education on behalf of the Diocese of Oxford in developing a Christian vision of

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Schools & churches

Details: WebHelping children navigate the world around them. Space Makers is a resource for schools and churches from the Diocese of Oxford. Accessible to children and young people of all …

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Guidance & resources

Details: WebChurchyard regulations, guidance & monuments at risk. Churchyard regulations (2017 onwards) Accompanying letter to Churchyard Regs 2016. Installing a bench. Churchyard …

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Exploring your vocation

Details: WebYour vocation could be your paid employment, such as a teacher, office worker or almost anything else. If that is where God has called you to work and to be a Christian as you …

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Discipleship resources

Details: WebFaith informs our thinking and our actions as we discern how God might be using us in his work. Faith is an ongoing encounter with God. Faith is our everyday …

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Church buildings

Details: WebThe Church Buildings Team are able to offer advice and support when you need to carry out works to your church or churchyard. We encourage you to contact the DAC team at …

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Advice and support

Details: WebThe Oxford Diocesan Board of Finance is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England (No. 142978) Registered Charity (No.247954) VAT registration …

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The importance of education

Details: WebThe Bishop of Oxford, the Rt Revd Steven Croft, spoke in the House of Lords today on the role of education in building a flourishing and skilled society. The debate …

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Bishops and senior staff

Details: WebBecause of its large size, the Diocese of Oxford is divided into four smaller episcopal areas, each overseen by their own area bishop.. The Bishop of Oxford is the …

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LGBTI+ chaplaincy service

Details: WebThe chaplaincy is there for any person with questions, concerns, or pastoral needs relating to issues of gender or sexuality, at a time when these cannot be taken for granted. The …

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