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Chapter 5: The Sign – Reading Rhetorical Theory

Details: The referent: the thing-in-the-world, a delightful poodle. Second, there is the signifier: the form or sound-image (the actual word, image, photo, etc.) that consists of the different sounds that combine to create a word (P-O-O-D-L-E).can also be an image, such as the one shown below. The signifier is the material dimension of the sign.It may consist of the actual sounds we make …

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Chapter 14: The Digital Situation – Reading Rhetorical …

Details: Chris understood the effects of technology … back in 1993. In the digital era, the more things change, the more they stay the same. According to the author quoted above, people residing in wealthy, technology-consuming nations are on the precipice of a landmark generational change, with less memory of a pre-digital environment and more default, early-age engagements with …

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Chapter 3: Propaganda and the Common Good – Reading …

Details: Part 1: The Propaganda of History. The phrase “The Propaganda of History” is the title of a chapter of W.E.B Dubois’s Black Reconstruction in America. As Dubois explains, it is important to recount history truthfully and as fully as possible. This is because history, told untruthfully, may be put in service of dangerous beliefs, naïve

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Short Paper 2: Annotation Assignment – Reading …

Details: This exercise is intended to model (1) the practice of reading academic essays in rhetorical studies and (2) creating notes and annotations to help recall the important or salient points. Please keep your short paper 2 assignment to no more than 2 pages (not including the bibliography of works cited). Please do not turn in a marked up copy of

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Chapter 11: The Settler Situation – Reading Rhetorical …

Details: Chapter 11: The Settler Situation “Gichi-gami Gathering to Stop Line 3” by Fibonacci Blue, CC BY 2.0 This chapter is about “the settler [colonial] situation.” The first section of the chapter introduces some of the defining concepts related to settler colonialism, describes the role of rhetoric, and offers several examples of how this “situation” continues to arise within popular

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