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South African Education System is Finally Making History …

Details: The Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, has announced how her department's task team is set to make the history taught …

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How to Get Into an American or Canadian University as …

Details: Once you've gotten a letter of acceptance, you can apply for a student visa. You'll have to show that you can support yourself during your stay, and you may have to …

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pregnant teens in Tanzania to get an education

Details: Without an education, a girl's future prospects are limited. Tanzania currently has one of the highest incidences of teenage pregnancy with the United …

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Madagascar's Education Minister Has Been Fired for

Details: Madagascar's Education Minister, Minister Rijasoa Andriamanana, has been fired after revealing plans to set aside $2.2 million for candy.. According to …

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African Students Leaving Ukraine Now Face an Uncertain …

Details: Now, a war that has little to do with them, has interrupted their education and forced them to flee for their lives towards an uncertain future. Before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

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The Ted Talk Questionnaire: This Egyptian Mycologist is …

Details: Yes, it was quite a challenge. I first centered my talk on the importance of science education since I have recently co-founded ConScience, a nonprofit organization aiming to …

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Black Child, You’re On Your Own: The Plight of Black …

Details: Secondly, the tertiary education system itself is overwhelmed. At most, it can accommodate 450 000 students at the three different levels. As of now, …

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Here Is The Full List of South Africa’s New Cabinet

Details: Here's the full list of new ministers: Deputy President—DD Mabuza. Minister of Cooperative Governance—Zweli Mkhize. Minister of Finance—Nhlanhla Nene. Minister of Communications—Nomvula

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Laura Nsafou Is the French Author Teaching Black Girls to …

Details: Her children's book, "Like A Million Black Butterflies," addresses race and bullying—rare topics you don't read often in French literature. Growing up, French blogger and writer Laura Nsafou was

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Why Racist Hair Policies in South African Schools Go …

Details: Many South Africans have been angered after a group of black girls were expelled from Windsor House Academy, a private school in Johannesburg, …

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Watch Rihanna Teach Math and Play With Kids In Malawi

Details: The documentary ends with a request for viewers to call on world leaders to increase education budgets and funding to the Global Partnership for Education to help it …

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Mohammed — a medical student from South Africa living in …

Details: The Government of Ghana is gravely concerned about the security and safety of our over 1000 students and other Ghanaians in Ukraine and has asked them to …

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10 Black Metal Bands You Should Check Out

Details: Hailing from Soweto, Demogoroth Satanum are adamant that they want to bring more black people to the metal scene and break barriers. Formed in 2009, they've released 3 …

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Fees Must Fall Reloaded: What Does It All Mean

Details: After the blowout of the last Fees Must Fall protests a Commission of Inquiry into Higher Education and Training (or Fees Commission) was set up …

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What the US Anti-Abortion Ruling Means for Africa

Details: Evidence shows that legal abortion combined with comprehensive sex education and access to contraception results in a lower rate of abortions and better …

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South Africa's Powerful Fees Must Fall Movement Resurges

Details: The Fees Must Fall movement resurges as students carry out a nationwide shutdown and continue to call on the government for free, quality and decolonised education for all. South Africa's powerful

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Ranking African Universities: Hypocrisy, Impunity and Complicity

Details: For now, African higher education stakeholders must be vocal in rejecting flawed and massively defective ranking instruments that are absurdly sold as building the continent’s legacy. The

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Cameroonian Soccer Legend Samuel Eto'o is Off to Harvard …

Details: The now retired soccer legend says he wants to use his studies at Harvard to 'give back to Africa'. Cameroonian soccer legend Samuel Eto'o is off to study business management at the prestigious

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Makerere University Students Tell Museveni ‘Fees Must

Details: The 15 female students in holding were arrested for protesting a raise in tuition fees. According to The BBC, the female students were in the midst of a protest march to office of President Yoweri

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