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Nellie B. Lofthouse Student Assistance Fund Criteria

Details: obtaining their professional education. Recipients will be chosen on the basis of either their high school record, financial need and/or other indication of character and leadership. They are to be selected by the Nellie B. Lofthouse Committee, representatives of Eureka Grand Chapter. Recipients must meet the following criteria:

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Woman’s Month Eureka Grand Chapter

Details: An Inspiration for Higher Education. Nellie B. Loft House (Rebecca Chapter No.23): In the 1960s these two committees became the Nellie B. Lofthouse Student Assistance Fund, named for the late PM of Rebecca Chapter No. 23. PM Lofthouse, who passed away in 1949, was the wife of PGP Thomas Lofthouse (23). PM Lofthouse forged a stellar career as an

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NBL Scholarship Eureka Grand Chapter

Details: On April 16, 2020, New York State Governor Mario Cuomo, extended the New York State Stay-At-Home Order to at least May 15, 2020. As a result of this updated order, the Board of Directors of the Nellie B. Lofthouse Assistance Fund, Inc. has suspended the Nellie B. Lofthouse 2020 Scholarship Award until further notice. This suspension comes at a

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