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World Religions and False Cults: The New Age Movement

Details: religion, education, psychology, culture, and the environment. Core Beliefs of the New Age Movement This movement can be summarized in four main beliefs: 1) all reality is divine, “God is all; all is God”, 2) personal enlighten-ment is key to understanding our own divinity, 3) the spirit

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Teen Topics: Integrity

Details: Teen Topics Integrity The Issue: Integrity refers to a willingness to do what is right in any situation. A person of integrity does not do what is right for

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Teen Topics: Time Management

Details: Teen Topics Time Management The Issue: Time can be our best friend or our worst enemy. When we have a lot of extra time in our day, we are able to enjoy life by

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About the Author Mini Bible Lessons

Details: He currently lives with his wife and three children in North Carolina, where he continues serving in Christian education as a Bible teacher. "It is the love and grace of God that drew me to the cross; it is the truth of the gospel that changed my heart, and it is the faithfulness of Christ that continually transforms me each day.

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Teen Topics: Priorities

Details: Teen Topics Priorities The Issue: We have so many things fighting for our attention each day. With responsibilities at home, commitments to church,

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