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“The greatest education in the world is watching"

Details: 1951. 1950. 1950. “The greatest education in the world is watching…”. March 14, 2016. “The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work. You couldn’t teach a person what I’ve learned just standing and watching.”. – Michael …

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Michael on 'The Wiz'

Details: “Making ‘The Wiz’ was an education for me on so many levels. As a recording artist I already felt like an old pro, but the film world was completely new to me. I watched as closely as I could and learned a lot.” –Michael Jackson

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Did You Know MJ Established The Michael Jackson …

Details: Michael knew that an education was very important. It was widely known he owned over 10,000 books. In order to help others get a quality education, Michael Jackson established the Michael Jackson Scholarship fund with the United Negro College Fund.

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Juneteenth: The End of Slavery & The Start of African …

Details: Today is #Juneteenth in the United States, a day that marks the end of slavery in the south and recognizes education and achievement in the African American community. Furthering access to education and encouraging achievement were life-long passions of Michael’s. “In every person, there is a secret song in their heart.

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Michael Jackson Charity Work Honored By Guinness …

Details: In its decade-long tenure, Heal The World paid for everything from drug abuse education programs to the airlifting of 46 tons of supplies to war-torn Sarajevo. In addition, his humanitarian efforts were also reflected in his will which provided for a portion of his estate to be used to benefit charitable efforts to help children around the world.

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Michael Jackson and His Passion For Giving Back To …

Details: After wrapping up the Bad Tour in October of 1987, Michael donated some of his personal items to UNESCO to be auctioned off for charity. Items included a windbreaker, sunglasses, and t-shirts. The proceeds were donated to the education

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Do You Want To Live In 'A Place With No Name

Details: In the spirit of Michael Jackson the winning city/town will receive Sony Tablets to enrich the lives and education of the youth in your community. The city “spokesperson” will win a Sony 4K UHD TV that provides four times the resolution of a full HD! Unfortunately due to international laws we weren’t able to include all countries.

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Awards and Achievements

Details: MJ was honored with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame as a solo artist on this day in 1984!

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