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Education in Italy

Details: Education was very important before, but nowadays it is impossible to live without it. As the world has changed tremendously, people have the obligation to …

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Study and Work in Italy

Details: Italy changed its policy of education according to the European Union, so the children and young ones in Italy can compete with any other children or young people in the European Union. Join more than 1,212,346 people from 192 countries and learn a new language at your own pace! Learn Italian now at Rocket Languages!

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How to Work in Italy and Apply for a Job

Details: Education: Then you must write all your educational qualifications, always starting from the most recent ones (Master, University degree, High school diploma, … and others. Other skills: include your language skills, especially if you can speak Italian and any other skill that may be relevant to the sector you are applying.

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Healthcare in Italy

Details: Healthcare in Italy Overview. Under the Italian Constitution, health is a right of all. Italy has a mixed public and private healthcare system.. But most of the private hospitals also operate in agreement with the Italian National Healthcare Service.

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Naples Nightlife

Details: Education in Italy. Next post: Prev post Padua Weather. Leave a comment Cancel reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. Discover Italy from Real Italians. Hi! This website is run by real Italian people! Our mission is to give you as much information as possible to get the most from your trip to Italy, to maximise your time and have the

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MBA Schools in Italy

Details: The full-time MBA program (11 months) is focused on developing students’ management and leadership skills. The second part of the program is taken in North America, The part-time program lasts two years, and students will also study in North America. Via Collegio, 40. 31011 Asolo (TV) Italy. Tel: +39 04 23 95 10 90.

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