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Homeschool Subject Plans LoveToKnow

Details: Weekly Plans. Some moms find that it is best for them to plan by the week. One advantage is that if you find yourself not getting to things, making a weekly planner means that you can schedule things accordingly without having to reschedule assignments over and over again.

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Homeschool Testing LoveToKnow

Details: It is used to test students in kindergarten through 8th grades. This test is a battery exam that tests children in a variety of areas, such as vocabulary, spelling, capitalization, usage and expression, math skills, social studies, science, deciphering maps, reference materials and listening. The ITBS uses a multiple-choice format to determine

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Seton Homeschool LoveToKnow

Details: Seton Home Study School is nationally and internationally accredited. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools is the national accrediting agency and the international accrediting agency is the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation. The United States Department of Education recognizes both as being accrediting

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Homeschooling Year Round LoveToKnow

Details: If you alternated between doing three day and four day weeks year round, you would finish the entire year with 182 days of school under your belt. If you took off every Friday, year round, you would be doing 208 days of school per year. If you wanted to stick with 180 days of schooling, you could still take off every Friday and have twenty

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Home School Idea Gallery LoveToKnow

Details: Homeschool Activity Ideas. Notebooking at your homeschool gives kids an easy way to collect their knowledge, observations, and thoughts on any given topic. It also makes it easy for homeschool teachers to see the progress each child has made in learning about a particular topic. Homeschool notebooking ideas include art projects, handwriting

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PA Homeschool Requirements LoveToKnow

Details: An Overview of PA Homeschool Requirements. Pennsylvania is a highly-regulated state. Not only do you need to submit numerous documents to your school district superintendent, but you also need to find an approved educator to oversee your program. You should note that compulsory age is 8 through 17. Briefly, here are a list of things you'll need

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Online Homeschool Geometry LoveToKnow

Details: Geometry Online is a course designed by mathematician Cynthia Lanius, and hosted by Rice University. It is designed to teach geometry to students in middle or high school and meets the guidelines for education through the Texas Education Agency. The lessons begin with the history of geometry and move through such topics as triangles, polygons

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Homeschool Music Lessons LoveToKnow

Details: Copied! You can teach music in your home. Giving a child homeschool music lessons is a great way to introduce them to a variety of musical styles, instruments and basic math concepts. Parents may teach the music classes themselves or hire someone to give their child lessons. Whether a parent wants to use music in the classroom everyday or elect

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Christian Homeschooling Webrings LoveToKnow

Details: Christian homeschooling webrings connect faith-based homeschool blogs, websites, and support groups with Christian homeschoolers. Webrings encourage the sharing of resources, support, and information between members, which is extremely beneficial to homeschoolers who may have limited support from their local community or public school district.

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Pre Algebra Printable Worksheets LoveToKnow

Details: Kidsmart Education has a wide variety of worksheets on topics such as place values and mixed fractions. The pre-algebra page is broken down by concept and then difficulty level. For example, the categories start with "Number Basics" such as rounding real numbers and end with "Plane Figures", which covers area and perimeter of parallelograms.

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Teaching Equivalent Fractions LoveToKnow

Details: Ask your child to shade half of each square and then right the fraction of the shaded part underneath. For the square divided into fourths, he should write 1/2 or 2/4. For the fraction underneath the square divided into eighths he should write 4/8. Discuss with your child how 1/2, 2/4, and 4/8 are all equivalent fractions.

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List of the Union States During the Civil War LoveToKnow

Details: Order of States Joining the Union. When each territory became a state, it was officially admitted to the union known as the United States of America.This list shows when each Civil War Union State became an official part of the Union.Keep in mind that each Confederate State was once part of the Union and some states didn't become states until after the Civil War.

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50 States and Capitals in Alphabetical Order LoveToKnow

Details: Tara is an experienced teacher with a master's degree in education. After spending the last 14 years raising and educating her own children, Tara knows that parents can take advantage of several homeschool, alternative, and mainstream educational opportunities. Read More

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Teaching Place Value LoveToKnow

Details: Place Value Basics. Teaching place value provides the basics for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing larger numbers. Worksheets offer traditional pencil and paper practice while hands-on activities give the kids the chance to actually apply the concept.

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Spelling Power LoveToKnow

Details: Spelling Power is a competent and speedy curriculum for homeschoolers. It boasts a learning system that can be executed in a mere 15 minutes a day. The details regarding Spelling Power are numerous and this curriculum represents one of the fastest and most thorough teaching methods for efficient spelling.

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LoveToKnow Media License, Terms of Use & Disclaimers

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LoveToKnow's Editorial and Advertising Policy

Details: LoveToKnow Media, 1275 US Highway 1 Unit 2 - 6084 Vero Beach, FL 32960-4706 Email Us:

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Worksheet for Identifying 3-Dimensional Shapes LoveToKnow

Details: Worksheet for Identifying 3-Dimensional Shapes. By Crystal Schwanke. Copied! Source. Learning about three-dimensional shapes is a fun elementary school math activity that expands on the basic shapes children typically learn in preschool or kindergarten. You can color this worksheet, identify the shapes and insert this into a notebook for future

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