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HEC Revised Curriculum Curriculum of Education

Details: Scheme of Studies. . · Associate Degree for In-Service Teachers. · Associate Degree/B.Ed. (Hons) Elementary 8 Semester Program. · B.Ed. (Hons) Secondary 8 Semester Program and B.Ed. (Hons) Elementary/Secondary for Entrants with having 14 years Education, Bachelor + 4 Semester Program. Course Guides (Click on links below to download) .

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The Higher Education Development in Pakistan Project

Details: HEDP is a World Bank supported project (USD. 400 Million). It is assisting HEC in key strategic areas of research and development, improving the quality of higher education and support to affiliated colleges, leveraging technological resources and capacity building of faculty/ staff through the National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE).

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Education Testing Council Education Testing Council

Details: Education Testing Council. Higher Education Commission has established Education Testing Council (ETC) under which it will hold standardized entry tests from Fall 2017 admissions for public and private universities of Pakistan. The aim of constitution of ETC is to hold uniform, accessible and competitive assessment base for admissions to

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HEC Announcements Higher Education Undergraduate …

Details: HEC Announcements Higher Education Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) Higher Education Undergraduate Studies Admission Test (USAT) .

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Students Services For Students

Details: Higher Education Commission has established Education Testing Council (ETC) under which it will hold standardized entry tests from Fa; Equivalence Degree Issuance. Alert:Higher Education Commission has launched online portal for equivalence of degrees awarded by Pakistani universities/DAI's w.e.f. 11-11-2021.

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Undergraduate Education Undergraduate Education …

Details: Undergraduate Education Policy. The Undergraduate Education Policy 2020 (UEP) provides the framework for enhancing the competencies (knowledge, skills, professional behaviour, and personal attributes) of graduates. The UEP aims to raise the quality of undergraduate education to international standards, so that graduates can succeed in life.

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Details: the education discipline i.e. “academic” vs. “professional”. The general discussion led the groups to focus on the TORs on the National Revision Committee. After this initial deliberation and discussion, the house decided to constitute two sub-committees, one for reviewing the B.Ed. 4-year program and other for M.Ed. (16+2) program.

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Quality Assurance Agency Quality in COVID-19 Situation

Details: Quality in COVID-19 Situation. As we are all facing very challenging times relating to COVID-19. As a facilitator, HEC-QAA has our learners and trainers well-being as our primary focus. We have been constantly reviewing the advice and guidance from the Government of Pakistan as well as the World Health Organisation (WHO). With that in mind, we

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Scholarships Home

Details: Special Initiatives. Support Programs. Advanced Skills Development Through International Scholarships. International. Approved PhD Supervisors. Special Initiatives. Award of Allama Muhammad Iqbal Scholarships for Afghan Nationals. Scholarship for Foreigners. Benazir Undergraduate Scholarship Project.

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Services HEC Services

Details: HEC Services. We offer a number of services to support individuals & organizations across Pakistan. This section details information about services and programs being offered by HEC to support academic growth of students, career growth of faculty and insitutionalised strengthening of universities. Click here to find out more aboutthese services

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Details: Standard of Education”. With the repeal of UGC Act, the same function was assigned to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) under its Ordinance of 2002, Section 10, Sub-Section 1 (v). In compliance with the provisions, the Curriculum Division of HEC undertakes the revision of curricula after every three years through

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Offices of Research, Innovation and Commercialization Offices of …

Details: HEC aims at motivating and facilitating the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to make research a top priority for a sustainable economic growth and future knowledge economy. For this purpose, a centre is being established in universities to serve as a pivotal point, encompassing all the research activities - from development of research

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Higher Education Commission Online Portal

Details: Higher Education Commission, Pakistan Facilitating Institutes of Higher Learning to serve as an Engine of Growth for the Socio-Economic Development of Pakistan Your …

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About Us Commission Members

Details: Commission Members. Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, Islamabad. Higher Education, Archives and Libraries Department. Govt: KPK. Professor Emeritus/Distinguished National Professor, Former DEAN, Faculty of Electrical, Electronics, & Computer Engg MEUET, Jamshoro. Vice-Chancellor, Balochistan University of IT, Engineering

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Higher Education Commission Online Portal

Details: CNIC * e.g. 1234512345670 Region *. Password *. Confirm Password *. Password must be alphanumeric and atleast 8 characters. Primary Cell / Mobile number *. SMS will not be delivered if Promotional Messages Block Service is activated. --> e.g. 3XXXXXXXXX. Primary Email * e.g. [email protected]

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Details: 2.1 higher secondary level of education in pakistan 10 2.2 teacher and teaching 12 2.3 teacher education 13 2.4 crisis in teacher education 18 2.5 job performance 19 2.6 student evaluation of teachers’ performance 21 2.7 factors affecting the performance of teachers 22

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