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Matthew 8 Questions

Details: Lack of education? Want a comfortable life? Day 5. 21. Read Matthew 8:23 - 27. What happened while Jesus was travelling across the lake? Without warning, a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat, but Jesus was sleeping. 22. How did the disciples respond?

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Matthew 13, Parables, Questions and Answers

Details: It is the teachings of Jesus through Christian witness that has been influential in high standards of education, justice, dignity of women, rights of children, prison reform and other benefits. Whenever the gospel is faithfully preached and practiced, all the world benefits.

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Matthew 7 Questions and Answers, Judgement and Good Fruit

Details: The Rabbis had a saying, "He who judges his neighbour favourably, will be judged favourably by God." They said there were 6 great works which brought a man credit in this world and profit in the world to come - study, visiting the sick, hospitality, devotion in prayer, the education of children in the Law, and thinking the best of other people.

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