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17 Reviews. 9.47. The Institute for Study Abroad offers semester and yearlong study abroad programs at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. New Zealand's oldest university is the perfect for students interested in both great academics and outdoor adventure.

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Education Masters Degrees

Master of Arts in Peace Education. The Master of Arts Degree in Peace Education seeks to develop and strengthen the capacity of formal and informal educators to build a peaceful world on all levels and in all dimensions of life. Through coursework and independent research or internship experiences, complemented

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Education Volunteer Programs Abroad GoAbroad.com

Education is something that most people in the developed world seriously take for granted. For many students, going to school and doing homework is considered a chore, instead of a luxury. However, access to quality education is a fundamental issue in the world today, and one that deserves a significant amount of international attention to resolve.

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Continuing Education Study Abroad Programs …

208 Reviews. 9.49. Toucan Education Programs (TEP) partners with private, state-supported, and non-profit, mission-driven colleges and universities focused on service, global awareness, and community engagement to design tailored education abroad programs that promote ethical experiential and in

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Study Abroad Programs GoAbroad.com

Study abroad is a quintessential college experience. Much like living in a dorm, rushing a Greek organization, or accidentally sleeping through an exam, studying abroad has come to be synonymous with higher education.

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Education Jobs Abroad GoAbroad.com

Education jobs abroad are your chance to be educated while educating. Don’t just take journeys of the mind, it is time to find an education job abroad! Teaching abroad and working within diverse education systems will allow you to reexamine your own approaches, both inside the classroom and as part of a greater methodology.

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Echo Education Programs & Reviews GoAbroad.com

4 Reviews. 10. Based in Hangzhou, China. Echo Education is the market leader in recruiting and training American & British university graduates for English teaching positions across China. The company focuses on new and inexperienced English …

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Carpe Diem Education Programs & Reviews …

Carpe Diem Education currently offers group semester programs in Italy & Greece, Hawaii, the US Borderlands, Spain & Morocco, India, Southeast Asia, South America, Central America, and South Pacific. For a truly unique gap year experience, explore our Latitudes Year program. Choose one of our group semesters in the Fall, followed by a three

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African Education Program Programs & Reviews …

They started their work by collecting, sorting, and shipping clothes, school supplies and computers. In 2005, the African Education Program (AEP) was registered as a charitable organization. Their contact on the ground and host in Zambia is Amos, the brother of their soccer coach. Today, AEP supports more than 200 youths each year through Amos

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Meet Our Partners GoAbroad.com

“Taking education beyond the four walls of the traditional classroom environment, and out into the real world.” Through an exclusive academy of international educators, GoAbroad recognizes innovative international educators at the prestigious Innovations Awards ceremony annually.

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Education Internships Abroad GoAbroad.com

An international internship in education is a fantastic way to prepare for a career as a principal, teacher, librarian, or educational administrator. By spending time in another country and getting to know a new system of curriculum and teaching, you will have a new frame of reference.

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Online Education Jobs GoAbroad.com

Find online Education jobs now! Use our reviews, guides, articles, comparison tool, and program matching services to find the perfect job or you.

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Bilingual Education for Central America Programs & Reviews

Bilingual Education for Central America (BECA) is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2002. BECA partners with three Honduran communities to collaboratively run bilingual schools that are serving more than 600 students every day. Our oldest graduates are now engineers, BECA teachers, entrepreneurs, and much more!

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Online Study Abroad GoAbroad.com

Online learning isn’t the future way global education will function – it’s the present. With CIS Abroad’s virtual Summer on the Italian Coast program, take online courses from an international university from your home base while adding a global perspective to your education e

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Education Program in South Africa Love Volunteers

Volunteers on this program can choose to be accommodated either at one of the shared volunteer house, located in central Cape Town, or with a local host family. Help less-fortunate children create better future for themselves through education. Play with kids through different games and sports. Instruct students with life skills and leisure

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Global Education and Career Development Abroad

Global Education and Career Development Abroad (GlobalEd Abroad) takes study abroad to a new level. We believe in experiential programs designed to empower your university degree, build your resume and boost your candidacy for your next interview (whether it be for your first job or to enter grad school).

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Education Jobs in England

Getting an education job in England is a stepping stone to the rest of your life. You’ll gain valuable work experience and most importantly, priceless life experience. With their dry and self-deprecating wit, the Brits will charm their way into your heart- politely, of course- and never leave. If education is your calling, look for a teaching

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Ameson Education and Cultural Exchange Foundation

The Ameson Education & Cultural Exchange Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nongovernmental organization committed to the promotion and implementation of programs that facilitate cultural and educational exchange throughout the world – most notably, between the United States and China.

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4 Major Benefits of a Multidisciplinary Approach in Educa

Education is a complex world with many styles, values, and philosophies. When it comes to choosing what’s right for you, it’s important to take the time to figure out what kind of system fits your personal learning style.

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Early Childhood (Education/Social Services)

Program Highlights. Intern in the field of Early Childhood education and development in one of a variety of countries around the world. Improve your communication skills by interacting with people of different cultures. Maintain a flexible work schedule and be willing to take on job responsibilities outside of your job description.

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Community English Education Volunteer in Galapagos

Community English Education Volunteer in Galapagos. 10 (4) As a Community English Education Volunteer, you will have the opportunity to work with students, teachers, government workers, and community members. In this program, you will have the choice between formal and applied teaching opportunities. IOI encourages all volunteers to stay as

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Asian College of Teachers Programs & Reviews GoAbroad.com

Asian College of Teachers, headquartered in Thailand, is the most outstanding training organization in Asia for teachers aspiring to gain global standards in teaching. Asian College of Teachers produces quality and excellent products in the field of education. ACT is known to be the best teacher training institution offering various TEFL courses.

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Education/Teaching Internships in Japan World Internships

Apply Now. Advance your skills and knowledge of teaching in an international setting through our Education/Teaching internships in Japan! For 4-20 weeks, you will gain both professional and fun experiences. During the program’s first weeks, you will take on the role of a teacher’s assistant and help with various tasks.

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Teach English in Cuba GoAbroad.com

Teaching English in Cuba - La Havana. Note: Learn about our "Come With a Friend Discount" of 300 USD. Talk to us for more information about post-COVID offers. This program is ideal for anyone wanting to learn Spanish and to gain life experience in a non-academic atmosphere while teaching English to Cubans.

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Volunteer in Women's Education in Kenya

The women’s education program is a developing initiative designed to bring sanitary supplies and HIV/AIDS and sex education to young women in need throughout Kenya. This program began in response to IVHQ volunteers in schools taking notice of young women missing up to a week of class each month due to a lack of sanitary supplies.

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Center for Global Education & Experience, Augsburg Univer

Contact Provider. Since 1982, the Center for Global Education and Experience at Augsburg University (CGEE) has provided experiential, community based education abroad programs throughout Latin America and Southern Africa. Over 10,000 students have participated in our programs from more than 200 institutions of higher education.

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Education, Child Care, and Youth Development Internships

Program Highlights. Intern in the fields of Education, Childcare, and Youth Development in Ecuador. Observe and teach in a public or private school in Quito. Help design a curriculum that can get children engaged with reading and writing. Gain hands-on, practical classroom skills, including time management, teamwork, and curriculum building.

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How to Study in France for Free (Or Close to It)

Outside of your university, there are also privately-funded and federally-funded scholarships and grants to study in France for international students. Two of the most popular are the Walter Jensen Scholarship for future French teachers and the French Ministry of Higher Education & Research, but there are so many more available, too! Many study

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Inequality, Education, and Gender in South Africa GVI

Inequality, Education, and Gender in South Africa. Join us in Cape Town, South Africa, to study the complex issues that lead to gender inequality in the local townships. Students will be involved in assisting in breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty. The majority of people living below the poverty line are women.

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CAPA The Global Education Network Programs & Reviews

For over 40 years, CAPA The Global Education Network has provided exciting and unique study abroad experiences that challenge and inspire students. We are committed to empowering student learning through personal choice, academic integrity, and engagement in cities abroad.

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Music Study Abroad Programs GoAbroad.com

IES Abroad Vienna – Music. 38 Reviews. 9.26. For more than 60 years, IES has been building quality study abroad programs. IES offers a unique opportunity to music students to study in Vienna and explore the performance culture of Austria and Central Europe as a whole. Located in the heart of Europe, Vienna is a city of a

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Masters Degrees Abroad GoAbroad.com

By earning a master’s degree abroad you will heighten your education while simultaneously enhancing your understandings of it from entirely new lenses, perspectives, and approaches. Part of earning your master’s degree abroad is growing accustomed to unfamiliar ways of thinking, learning, and studying. When entering the world of masters

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Universities & Degrees in England GoAbroad.com

England has one of the most prestigious higher education systems in the world. Every year the small island nation attracts thousands of students from around the globe to join its rich academic tradition (which for many universities spans back centuries).

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16 Incredible Study Abroad Graduate Programs GoAbroad.com

One thing that makes graduate abroad so attractive is the cost. In the U.S, students rely on loans to pay for their education which on average costs $34,220 per year. Because of this, 44 million Americans hold a total of $1.4 trillion in student debt. Compare this to European countries, who offer a free education or tuitions at a way lower cost.

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Spanish Institute for Global Education Programs & Reviews

Spanish Institute for Global Education, founded almost 4 decades ago, offers programs and courses suited to students, teachers focused on teaching Spanish as a second language, and international students inclined in Spanish courses. Spanish Institute students have the opportunity to participate in different cultural and community activities

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Education Support in Ubud, Bali Love Volunteers

The Education Support program in Indonesia addresses this need with the participation of volunteers around the globe. The placement will be in a traditional village where you will teach English. Lessons take place in a bamboo classroom set in a tropical forest setting surrounded by coconut, paw paw, coffee, and banana trees.

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Accredited TEFL Qualification, Plus Teaching Placement

Save 20% off TEFL Courses & Teaching Resources - Use Code GA20. Qualify to teach English anywhere in the world! Our independently accredited 120-Hour TEFL Course has 10 training modules, and you'll have 3 months to complete all sections. Whilst working through your coursework, our team will help you find the best job, paid internship, or live

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Doctorate Degrees Abroad GoAbroad.com

Education is a global stage and universities everywhere have doctorate degrees, and each region, country, or PhD program offers a little something different to make your education that much more interesting. Read More + ADD COUNTRY FILTER + ADD DEGREE COURSE FILTER. Doctorate. Remove filter

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13 Cheapest Universities in Europe Your Wallet Will Love

Popular subjects to study: Philosophy, education, social sciences, medicine, and science and engineering; Learn more: Visit University of Crete’s website; 12. University of Basel. You’ll fall in love with the beauty of Basel, Switzerland. Founded in 1460, the University of Basel is the oldest university in Switzerland.

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Semester in India: Spirit & Service Carpe Diem Education

Semester in India: Spirit & Service | Carpe Diem Education. 8.5 (6) Learn about Spirituality and Service in the incredible foothills of the Himalayas. Students will experience local Indian culture through homestays; witness the burning ghats of Varanasi; visit the seat of the Tibetan government in exile and the home of the Dalai Lama; and get

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Paid Teaching Program in Thailand with TravelBud

Paid Teaching Program in Thailand with TravelBud. 9.4 (43) Visit Website. Inquire Here. Apply Now. We have adapted to the challenges presented by the pandemic and have managed to send in excess of 150 teachers over during the pandemic. Teaching in Thailand is our most popular program by far, and it’s not hard to see why!

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12 Universities to Get a Cheap Master’s Degree for Intern

With an outstanding history in both education, culture, and intellect, Europe is a fine place to continue your studies. Tuition prices Oslo as you can imagine! While the price of a master’s degree has never been more expensive, you can even find almost free universities in Europe for international students.

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Internships & Volunteer Programs in London

Internships & Volunteer Programs in London. 9.39 (41) Visit Website. Inquire Here. Apply Now. The Intern Group provides you with top internships in London! Partnering with a range of great companies and NGOs, our London internship program will fulfill your career potential. We are regularly featured in mainstream international media like CNN

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Travel, Teach, & Explore China with Teaching Nomad

Travel, Teach, & Explore China with Teaching Nomad. 9.42 (102) Visit Website. Inquire Here. Apply Now. Working with Teaching Nomad gives you access to the largest list of high-paying teaching jobs in mainland China! Whether you're just starting out or a licensed teacher with years of experience, we have great options for you to consider!

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Village Primary School Teaching in Uganda The Real Uganda

Because local education is largely by rote, we want volunteers to feed these hungry little brains! Volunteers create interactive learning experiences and provide children with a loving and creative environment. Volunteers choose the age and topics to teach. Lesson plans are created based on student interest and national curriculum.

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Southeast Asia Semester Carpe Diem Education Gap Year

Southeast Asia Semester | Carpe Diem Education Gap Year. 10 (8) Study Human Rights and Cultural Exchange with a community of students through the lens of experiential education. Our students learn by trekking through remote villages and exchanging stories with hill tribes in Northern Thailand.

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Paid Teaching Program in South Korea with TravelBud

Paid Teaching Program in South Korea with TravelBud. One of the most popular Teach Abroad destinations, South Korea offers great benefits & savings potential! You'll receive 24/7 support, a monthly salary of $1700 to $1900, a free studio apartment, your flight to Korea reimbursed, an end-of-contract bonus pay, and more.

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