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Welcome to the U.S. Department of Education!

Details: Welcome to the U.S. Department of Education! You must read the statement below, and click "Continue" to access the Department of Education's G5 website. You are accessing a U.S. Federal Government computer system intended to be solely accessed by individual users expressly authorized to access the system by the U.S. Department of Education.

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Education Program Contact

Details: Education Program Contact Concept. In this topic you will learn how to successfully initiate and submit an Administrative Action ED Program Contact change. Steps: Hover over the Grant Maintenance link. Step 1; Click the Initiate Actions link. Step 2; Click in the Fiscal Year (YYYY)* field. Step 3

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G5 Two Factor Authentication

Details: Education will be implementing a more secure means for users of the G5 Grants Administration System to gain access, referred to as Two Factor Authentication. All

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Register as a Reviewer

Details: Click the Education tab to display the Reviewer Education Information screen. Step 49; For this example, the Reviewer Education Information has been completed. This is a sample of a completed Education tab. Step 50; Click the Specialization tab to display …

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Modify an ED Program Contact for a Discretionary Award

Details: In this topic, you will learn how to modify a Department of Education program contact using the manage slate functionality. Steps: Click the Slate menu item to begin the process of modifying a Department of Education contact. Step 1; Enter the search information into the Fiscal Year field. For this example, enter a valid value e.g. "2009". Step 2

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Working and Navigating in G5 for Reviewers

Details: After entering your Email ID and Password, you must check the box indicating that you accept the Department of Education's terms for using the G5 site. Step 4 For this example, the Email ID and Password have been completed and the check box for the terms has been checked.

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Create a High Risk Record

Details: Click the Select Contact button to select a Department of Education contact. Next Step Table of Contents Topic Overview Back Press Alt + Left Arrow to return to the previous page

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G5 Intro for External Users Concept Pane

Details: G5 is a state-of-the-art, web-based system which is used by applicants and recipients of Department of Education funds as well as Department of Education staff in support of grant management and payment activities. The G5 project was implemented using a three-phase approach, and the final phase went live in …

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Director, Financial Payment Group U.S. Department of

Details: Director, Financial Payment Group U.S. Department of Education 400 Maryland Ave, SW Washington, DC 20202-4331 Ref PR/Award No:_____ Dear Sir:

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› Url: https://www.g5.gov/G5HELP/Fedwire_Form.pdf Go Now

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Create Payment Request_Concept

Details: Purpose : This procedure describes what is needed to create a Payment Request in G5.. G5 Responsibility : All external G5 (Non-Department of Education) users.. Navigation Path : Payments > Payment Requests > Create Payments . Prerequisites : The prerequisites for this topic are: . 1. The user must have an active G5 User ID. 2. The user must have an active role (which allows for drawdowns

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G5 Mobile Navigation for External Users

Details: Links - provides links to related government, higher education, and student aid websites. Step 5; The home page displays the News and Events section. This field provides information on upcoming system upgrades, pending and resolved issues, and maintenance alerts. Step 6

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Guidance for Drawdown of Funds During the G5 Shutdown

Details: The U.S. Department of Education (Department) will be performing maintenance on the platform that hosts the G5 Grants Management System production application. The G5 System will be unavailable for all activities, including the drawdown of payments, from 7:00 p.m.

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› Url: https://www.g5.gov/G5HELP/OFOCMIA_Final_Guidance_clean_04042019.pdf Go Now

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International Banking

Details: U.S. Department of Education Federal Student Aid School Eligibility Channel Foreign Schools Team Direct Loan Transition Union Center Plaza 830 First street, NE Washington, DC 20002-5340 USA If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please contact Sylvester Osineme at (202) 245- 8081. Sincerely, Gary H. Wood Director

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Inquire as a Project Director

Details: Education Contact. Grantee Information. Administrative Actions. Performance Reports. GAN Documents. Grant Contacts. Budget Dates. Step 4; Scroll down the page to view additional information. Step 5; Congratulations! You have successfully inquired award information as a project director. Table of Contents Start Topic

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