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Elementary Education

Details: In comparing elementary schools in the United States with those of other countries, some distinctions in terminology are necessary. In the United States, elementary education refers to children's first formal schooling prior to secondary school. (Although kindergartens, enrolling children at age five, are part of publi… See more

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Educational Change

Details: Education is generally thought to promote social, economic, and cultural transformation during times of fundamental national and global changes. Indeed, educational change has become a …

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Education Reform

Details: OVERVIEW Jacob E. Adams Jr. REPORTS OF HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE Rick Ginsberg. OVERVIEW. In 1983 American education reform entered a new era. It was in that year that …

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Education Reform

Details: Issues of Secondary Education (1936) and Functions of Secondary Education (1937) produced recommendations and key functions for secondary schools, including the idea of universal …

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Globalization of Education

Details: A massive spread of education and of Westernoriented norms of learning at all levels in the twentieth century and the consequences of widely available schooling are a large part of the …

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School, Education, Percent, and Secondary

Details: Education is compulsory for children aged 5 to 14. Religious denominations operate the majority of primary schools, which enrolled 47,200 students in the early 1990s. Religious institutions …

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Johann Herbart (1776–1841)

Details: Chief works related to education from his Göttingen period are Über die ästhetische Darstellung der Welt als das Hauptgeschäft der Erziehung (On the aesthetic representation of the world as …

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