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Find out More About Us Teach Online With Easylore

Details: WebEasylore offers a comprehensive range of subject matters to help to shape future generations, by offering children and young adults the tools and the knowledge to foster …

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Virtual Education is the Future: How

Details: WebWe have defined the reasons below to make you understand why virtual education is the future to learn: 4. Constant Learning Regular learning is a shift to the …

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Easylore Online Tuition & Online Learning for Students

Details: WebIn the past few decades, significant changes have taken place in the education sector. As digitization is potentially taking over, Online Learning has become …

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Become a Tutor Online Home Tutor Teaching jobs at …

Details: WebThe well-trained tutors at Easylore know that it is essential to connect with the best private tutors so that students can gain the most from private home tuition. Providing …

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Gender Paradox In Education Gender Stereotypes

Details: WebAs professionals in providing online education, Easylore is doing its bit. We ensure to provide a gender-equitable educational experience in our interactive learning …

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Educational Blog Singapore Learning with Easylore Blog Easylore

Details: WebTop Singapore Exam Changes for 2022: What parents should know It's no secret that Singapore is changing. With an ageing population and new technologies on …

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Central Board Of Secondary Education Easylore

Details: WebChemistry is the central science that can be related to all other fields of science and technology. Chemists are driven to understand the fundamental behavior of matter in …

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Holistic Education: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Details: WebExperiential Education Self-directed learning Community School Interdisciplinary Coursework 7. Teacher Strategies Sound Student-Teacher …

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Top 12 International Schools in Singapore (with 2022 Fees)

Details: WebThe Stamford American International School is an ideal choice for high-quality education. It provides all the facilities your child needs to grow and become the …

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The Singapore Education System: What you need to know

Details: WebThe Stages of Education – A Detailed View Singapore’s educational system consists of 6 years of primary education, 4-5 years of secondary education and 1-3 …

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Cope up with Stress and Anxiety in Virtual Classrooms: How

Details: WebIn response to high demand, online education has come forward. Several online learning platforms such as Easylore have started eLearning so that the students’ …

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Importance of Maths in Our Daily Life and Its Benefits for Kids

Details: WebEvery tutor registered with Easylore is well-versed, qualified, and experienced. They are trained in traditional academic and innovative holistic methods to …

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Easylore Holistic Approach Easylore

Details: WebAbout Holistic Education. Education has a major role to play in a learner’s life- it calls for the solution which is in-build for their overall growth and development. The notions …

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Science for primary education Easylore

Details: WebScience for primary education. Study Science through creative methods. Sabitha S. Duration 1Hr. Share. Course Details. I am an experienced and qualified teacher, who is …

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Free Exam Papers from Singapore Schools

Details: WebBelow we have links to actual past exams for science, physics, pure biology, chemistry, economics, maths and the English language. For the latest 2020-2021 exams …

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Find a Tutor Online Home Tutors Singapore Easylore

Details: WebOur Learning Ideologies. Learning is a continuous process and it is not the same for all. With a skilled support team and customised teaching tools, Easylore is here to support you to …

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English for higher secondary classes Easylore

Details: WebWelcome to the Spectacular world of English Literature The course will take you through an exciting journey into the world of English Literature. Course Fee $20.00/hour Created By …

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Top Singapore Exam Changes for 2022: What parents should know …

Details: WebThe Ministry of Education (MOE), well aware of parents’ anxiety trying to get their child into the right school, have made these changes to help alleviate this academic …

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