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Details: Access to education? Racial Equity Study Spartanburg, SC. Status of Public Health Spartanburg, SC. Racial Equity Index Greenville, SC. Racial Equity Metrics Greenville, SC. Community Research Group.

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Capabilities CRG

Details: Health insurance coverage, emergency department usage; medically underserved areas, behavioral, dental, and specialty care

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Details: Education Our children will excel academically and our citizens will demonstrate high levels of baccalaureate degree attainment, rendering Spartanburg the best educated county in the state. Natural Environment Our citizens will manage our natural resources in a way that will support current and future generations. Public Health

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The State of the Social Environment

Details: The Status of the Social Environment, 2014 Update 1 | P a g e Introduction Community indicators are measurements of social, environmental, economic, educational, civic,

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Spartanburg Racial Equity Index

Details: and persistent gaps in health, wealth, income, employment, education, and opportunity prevent low-income people and people of color from realizing their full potential, and in places where inequities are ignored and perpetuated, quality of life is limited for all residents.

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